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Coronary Heart Disease Profile (324)



General Fitness Examination體格檢查
Body Height, Weight & BMI Measurement量度身高、體重及體重指標
Blood Pressure Measurement量度血壓
Pulse Rate Measurement量度脈膊速率
Coronary Heart Disease Assessment冠心病評估
Treadmill Exercise ECG / Stress Test
(Treadmill ECG carries risks of complications, such as heart attack. You will be monitored by a Cardiologist during the test.)
Coronary Heart Disease Risk Test冠心病風險測試
Cardiac Enzyme Tests心肌酵素測試
Creatinine Phosphokinase肌酸磷激酶
Lactate Dehydrogenase乳酸脫氫酶
Coronary Risk & Lipid Profile Tests冠心病風險及血脂肪組合測試
Total Cholesterol總膽固醇
HDL Cholesterol高密度膽固醇
Chol-HDL Chol Ratio總及高密度膽固醇比例
LDL Cholesterol低密度膽固醇
VLDL Cholesterol超低密度膽固醇
Complimentary - Doctor's Consultation送 醫生會診
Report Interpretation and Conclusive Advice醫生臨床解釋報告及總括建議
Referral to Specialist if Necessary如有需要可轉介專科

All tests are not for the purpose of medical diagnosis or treatment 所有檢查並非作為醫務診斷或治療用途

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