FibroScan is the world's first non-invasive device capable of instant quantification of liver fibrosis. It uses a patented technology known as Vibration-Controlled Transient Elastography (VCTE) to provide reliable, accurate and reproducible assessment of liver tissue stiffness.

It is a safe and comparable alternative to liver biopsy. Therefore, it can be used in patients with chronic liver diseases as well as in those without underlying liver disease.

FibroScan vs. Liver Biopsy

Although liver biopsy remains the golden standard for assessing liver fibrosis, there are also risks and disadvantages associated with liver biopsy. On the other hand, FibroScan is non-invasive and can be used repeatedly to monitor patients with chronic liver disease.

The volume of liver measured with FibroScan is also 100 times larger than a liver biopsy. Therefore, sampling error of a FibroScan is lower. Yet, the FibroScan result can be available immediately. There is no need to wait weeks for the biopsy report.

In apparently healthy persons without known liver disease, or in patients without advanced liver disease, liver biopsy is invasive and thus rarely feasible. FibroScan is therefore a safe and comparable option for liver stiffness assessment.

Who Needs a FibroScan?

The following people are at higher risk of having liver disease, fibrosis, cirrhosis, or liver cancer:

Chronic hepatitis B carrier
Hepatitis C carrier
Patients infected by HIV
Persons with fatty liver disease
Diabetes patients
Persons with high alcohol intake
Patients with alcoholic liver disease
Patients on certain medications

Studies show that even with normal blood test results (liver function test), 18% of patients have already developed severe fibrosis. Furthermore, in patients aged 45 years or above and with normal liver function, 34% have developed severe fibrosis.

Therefore, anyone, with or without an underlying liver disease, or whether there are other indications of cirrhosis, can use FibroScan to assess liver fibrosis. It gives a better picture in management of your liver condition.

How is a FibroScan done?

You will need to fast for 2 hours before the examination.

The scan will only take a few minutes, with you lying down. Several measurements will be obtained by the probe placed on your right abdomen. The technician will follow strict guidelines to only obtain measurements from a valid segment of your liver.

The liver stiffness result will be represented in units of kilopascals (kPa), which you can use for future comparisons.

Where Can I have a FibroScan?

If you are already following-up with your own physician, please use this form to arrange a FibroScan examination. Your report will be faxed or mailed to your doctor for further management.

$1000 - FibroScan with doctor's referral

If you do not have a doctor's referral yet, please call us directly to arrange a FibroScan examination.

$1200 - FibroScan without doctor's referral
  (Includes one complimentary consultation at our centre)

Call us now at (852) 2110 9980 to make an appointment!

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